Powerful Features

Everything You Need is Located on the Homescreen

iConx is designed for the clinician.  We studied EHR workflow and developed an interface that allows the user to focus on a single screen.  You no longer need to navigate through multiple screens or folders to find pertinent clinical information.  Everything you need is located on the homescreen.


Detail Panels

Most of the information you need can be seen on the homescreen.  Sometimes, you need more detailed information than will fit on the screen.  Tapping a detail panel in any screen will open a full screen version of the panel, with more room to display information.  Touching the Done button returns you directly to the homescreen.  Detail panels are available for demographics, medication/allergies, medical and surgical history, and social history.


iConx has two dictation options to match your clinical workflow.  Both the dictaphone and voice recognition functions are accessed by a slide panel that can be controlled without removing your hands from the iPad.  Even better, you can browse the patient's medical record while dictating by sliding the dictation panel to the right.


We are excited to introduce our e-prescribe function.  The use of the iPad at the point-of-care for medication ordering greatly improves clinical workflow for providers.  Our Surescripts certified e-prescribe solution will allow users to meet meaningful-use criteria for CPOE and medication prescribing.  Providers will be able to review patient medications and clinical history, as well as prescribe medications anywhere they have an internet connection.


Our intuitive interface for the PAQ allows you to review and sign documents directly on the iPad.  We included the ability to attach a physical signature for those documents that require more than an electronic signature.  Best of all, you can access your PAQ from the iPad anywhere you have an internet connection.

Scribble Pads

The scribble pad allows you to take notes while you are interacting with your patients.  You can custom design any background and save it in the MiddleWare application via the Administration Section.  You can also draw notes on your customized background(s) and save them to your EHR for later review.  You can use multiple scribble pads during a single visit.


The iConx camera is ideal for taking photos of clinical conditions.  Whether it is a skin lesion you want to follow over time or a wound that needs close follow-up, you can snap a photo using the iConx camera and save it directly into the patient's medical record.  Previous photos appear as an icon on the timeline and can be opened for comparison.


Tasking in iConx couldn't be easier.  Simply open the tasking panel and read your tasks.  You can respond to medication refill requests through the med module.  You can open the patient chart with the press of a button, if needed.


Patient information such as clinical notes, photos, medication prescriptions, labs and imaging results are displayed on the Homescreen Timeline.  Each piece of clinical information is represented by a unique icon, and displayed chronologically on the timeline.  This novel method of presenting clinical information allows the provider to quickly see clusters of clinical information and better understand how these events might be related to one another.  Each icon is 'active': a press and hold of the icon will display how long ago the event occurred and a touch on the icon will open the related document.





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